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  • Sierpinski’s Triangle PT 3

    Alternate methods of generating Sierpinski’s Triangle: one using a recursive function, the other using the chaos game. First: what is recursion? What is the chaos game? Recursion is a fundamental concept in computer science and mathematics, where a function or algorithm calls itself again and again in order to solve a problem. The principle of […]

  • Learn (Basic) Natural Language Processing (NLP) in 6 easy steps

    Recently, I started the ‘Intro To NLP’ Course on the 365 Data Science platform. I’ve noticed the platform scrambling in recent months to introduce AI content after focusing almost exclusively on Data Science topics. Since the two are related, this wasn’t a bad thing, but glad to see it bringing in more high quality courses […]

  • SierPinski’s Triangle PT 2

    In Part I, I explained what the Sierpinski’s Triangle is, and how it is based on fractals. In this post, we will actually build the Sierpinski’s Triangle, reviewing the basic mathematical concepts behind the Triangle, then using Python to build it. This tutorial is based on Giles McCullen-Klein’s ‘Sierpinski’s Triangle’ section of his excellent ‘Python […]

  • Sierpinski’s Triangle PT 1

    A bit like the Random Walk Algorithm, but it embellishes it a bit. Giles McCullen-Klein I first became aware of the Sierpinski’s Triangle while taking Giles McCullen-Klein’s excellent ‘Python Programmer Bootcamp‘ on the 365 Data Science platform. The Sierpinski Triangle is named after Polish mathematician Waclaw Sierpinski, who popularized the concept in the early 20th […]

  • A Gentle Guide to Chat GPT, THE ChatBot threatening to take over the world

    Chat GPT is an AI model developed by OpenAI, which uses machine learning to generate human-like text based on a given input. The GPT stands for ‘Generative Pre-training Transformer’. It was released in late November 2022. Within a week, it had a million subscribers, within two months, according to the London Guardian, 100 million, making […]

  • The Draughtsman Writer

    A couple of years ago I saw The Draughtsman Writer at a larger exhibit at the Met, Technology In the Age of the Court Most of the exhibits were clever, if sometimes dazzling: many immensely complicated clockworks, constructed with gold and other precious minerals, but nothing truly blew me away until the exhibits at the show’s end, and in […]

  • Introduction to Chat GPT for High School Teachers

    Since the release of Chat GPT3 in late November, 2022, I’ve been wondering not just what impact it will have on everything from the job market to our media environment, but also how it can be used, both by myself and people I know. Since many people I know are teachers, including members of my […]