I am a Full-Stack Developer specializing in Javascript, PHP and Python. I have used Wordpress, Laravel, Django and, most recently, Gatsby.js. This portfolio site (with attached blog) is my first site built in Gatsby.

I have been lucky to have some great clients from diverse fields, including the NYTimes, EPIX TV, Weil Gotshal and Manges, Carnegie, and Lazard Asset Management among others. For a full (er) list, see below or visit my [LinkedIn profile][https://linkedin.com/in/timbeckett1]

As well as web development, I have become interested in the so-called Web 3.0 - Data Science, Machine Learning, AR/VR, the Blockchain. To that end I have been studying the basics of data science - Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, and the Solidity language used for smart contracts in the Blockchain, as well as learning about the blockchain generally.

I came to software development from a background in media. With this site, I intend to start writing about Web 3.0, and various obstacles and developments I've encountered as a web developer.

This site remains under construction . . .